NASHtoday’s 2022 eras

What do you get when you cross Swifties and a couple of NASHtoday editors? NASHtoday’s version of an “Eras” tour.

A collage of the NASHtoday team at various events throughout 2022.

2022 will be a hard one to top, folks.

Photo by NASHtoday

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If you’re anything like us, you weren’t one of the few to secure tickets to Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour, which stops at Nissan Stadium on Friday, May 6-Sunday, May 7. But, lucky you, you’re a SwiftieNASHtodayer.” Think: Someone who’s super in tune with all that’s happening in Music City + loves to tell their friends about it.

To honor that, we’ve put together a little “Eras” tour of our own based on some of your favorite stories from this year. Are you ready for it?

Editor Skylar poses with a goat on her back during goat yoga.

Baaamaste. | Photo by NASHtoday

Sporty girlies era

We got in touch with our competitive side and challenged ourselves to try new hobbies. If you want to put the fun in fitness in 2023, cue our goat yoga + adult ballet class experiences. Prefer to put your eyes to work? The history buffs will enjoy these stories on Nashville’s defunct sports teams and Music City mascots + the creatives can make custom sports apparel with TWEAK.

The NASHtoday team poses with frosé at a restaurant opening.

Cheers to a new year and new stories to share. | Photo by NASHtoday

Sippin’ ain’t easy era

In July, we dedicated seven days to Nashville’s vast beverage industry with Drink Up Week — covering everything from a Q+A with craft beer industry leaders to creating a guide to some of Nashville’s best happy hour deals. Plus, claim your spot as this season’s most legendary holiday host by recreating seasonal cocktail recipes or booking a cocktail class experience with Liquor Lab.

The NASHtoday Team holding a sign at BNA.

This year, we also got to show our entire 6AM City family around Nashville.

Photo by NASHtoday

Catch a flight and feelings era

We caught the feels and fell in love with places near and far during our summer “Hit the Road” series. We explored a foodie’s paradise in Birmingham, AL + invited you to take an outdoor adventure at Lake Oconee, GA. We also made navigating the Nashville International Airport plane and simple, breaking down where to eat, what to know, and airport updates in this guide.

A view of the crowd at CMA Fest.

What other music-related stories would you like to see from us? | Photo by NASHtoday

Headbanging era

Music city marches to the beat of its own drum, and we really honed in on why Nashville is so deserving of its prized nickname. Be sure to hit “follow” on our NASHtoday Spotify account, where we’ll continue sharing curated local playlists + revisit some new tunes via our summer Music City Friday series. Reminisce on the one and only CMA Fest ahead of this summer; we passed the mic to five 2022 performers in this Q+A series and recounted a day of our 2022 CMA Fest ventures in this Reel.

Editor Skylar eating a slice of pizza.

This is just a slice of some of your favorite stories this year. | Photo by NASHtoday

Dishin’ the dishes era

It’s no secret that Nashville’s food scene keeps our stomachs full and our mouths asking “should we order seconds?” So, it should come as no surprise that a slice of Nashville was featured on multiple nationally televised food shows this year — like “Somebody Feed Phil” and “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” Plus, eat your heart out using these guides to brunch spots across the city and Assembly Food Hall recommendations based on your occasion.

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