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They really set the Tempo. | Photo by Nashville SC

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Today is: National Mascot Day, and we just wouldn’t be Nashville without our furry friends who hype up our favorite 615 sports squads. You know their names, but do you know their stories? Let’s meet Tempo, Gnash, Booster, and T-Rac.


  • Tempo the Coyote was named Nashville SC’s official mascot in 2019 after a coyote found its way into the Music City Center. The coyote was removed safely, but stuck around in the hearts of Nashvillians enough to gain mascot status. The coyote’s name embodies the dual nature of Nashville as a city for sports and for music.


  • A construction crew paved the way for the Nashville Predators’ mascot in 1971 by discovering a saber-tooth tiger in a cave below Music City. As the longest-living mammal of the Ice Age, the predator was definitely a force to be reckoned with — just like our hockey team.
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Did we mention how much they boost(er) team spirit? | Photo by @nashvillesounds


  • Booster the Rooster has represented the Nashville Sounds since 2015 (after Ozzie retired when the Sounds left Greer Stadium). With bright red feathers from head to toe, the Nashville hot chicken can be found at games and out around the city meeting fans. Legend has it, Booster was born out of an explosion caused by a Sounds souvenir baseball accidentally falling into a deep fryer with chicken — which might be the most Nashville story we’ve ever heard.


  • The Tennessee Titans mascot represents the Tennessee state animal: A raccoon. T-Rac has been to the Pro Bowl nine times throughout his career as the team mascot. According to the Titans website, T-Rac was born in the Parthenon, has a height of “Real Tall,” and went to college at the “Tennessee Academy of Fine Arts and Hysteria.” Try to spot him at Nissan Stadium when football season kicks off.
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