Be the broker: Beachy property for sale in the heart of downtown

Ready, set, sold. Now that you’ve seen the potential for the sandy oasis known as Little Chill Beach — located at 400 Lafayette St. in downtown Nashville — what would you do with the unique piece of land, given the chance?

An aerial, top-down view of the property showcasing a large piece of art, sand, a bar, and tables.

A 12-story hotel with renderings was also proposed for this spot at one time.

Photo via NAI Nashville Stanton Group

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Have you ever driven past an empty building or for sale sign and thought, “That would make a great __________?” Us, too.

So, you can imagine how quickly our wheels started turning when we saw the beachy triangular property at 400 Lafayette St. in the middle of downtown hit the market.

Keep reading for details about the property, including what it’s used for now + what NASHtoday could see taking up the space next. Then, we’re handing you the keys. Share what you think the future holds for the prime piece of real estate.


The area is also considered “very walkable” on Walkscore.

Photo via NAI Nashville Stanton Group

Property stats

Little Chill Beach, which rents the space for private parties, currently occupies the lot and offers a bar, tables, and free parking with a booking. The property is bordered by 4th Avenue and Ash and Lafayette streets — check out the full listing via NAI Nashville Stanton Group. Here’s what you’re working with by the numbers:

  • Price: $2.25 million
  • Size: 0.15 acres
  • Total sqft: 6,534
  • Price per sqft: ~$344
An aerial view of the property with the Nashville skyline in the background and a main focus on the connecting roads around it.

The view is an added bonus.

Photo via NAI Nashville Stanton Group

NASHtoday picks

While we await Nashville’s PopStroke location, we can envision a mini version of mini golf. Maybe that means building out the property into a multi-floor concept to make it a real hole in one — we’re no architects.

Talk about the best seat in the house. Can you imagine a giant Ferris wheel filling the lot? We’re thinking something like this one in downtown St. Louis.

You might leave with a little sand in your boots, but it’s all worth it to not have to jet set away from your favorite city, right? While it’s no new idea, we are slightly impartial to the sandy atmosphere as it stands — with an added frozen yogurt bar, of course.

Let us know your thoughts, and we may share your responses in a future newsletter.


We asked, and y’all sold us on your ideas. Here’s what some of our readers had to say about what this beach-like property could be turned into:

  • “If it were my property with all the permits, I would build a tower with full amenities for 55+ population. The bottom of the building would be a farmers market, full grocery store with delivery to the residents of the building, a full affordable, but healthy restaurant serving 16 hours/day, headed by a nutritional chef. I would also include a travel “agency” of sorts to allow the residents to head to their favorite spots in the Nashville area where this age population would have access to the museums [and] downtown restaurants, but with full travel access (buses, vehicles, etc.).”
  • “I would turn it into a small reading park.”
  • “A drive by coffee shop.”
  • “It would be terrific if it was purchased by the city and turned into a pollinator garden. Once established, it’s self-sufficient, beautiful, and helps the environment. It could also contain a great sculpture. Something Nashville could use more of.”
  • “I would turn it into a beautiful multicolored fountain that changes constantly. Imagine coming to Nashville and having our own fountain of youth!”

Not to brag, but a handful of respondents also agreed that a Ferris wheel would fit the bill.

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