Recycling your Christmas tree in Nashville

When the holidays are over, you still have to deal with the Christmas tree in the corner. Here are a few ways to dispose of trees around Music City.


Christmas tree | Image via Unsplash

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Sure, the holidays are all fun and games — but if you celebrate Christmas, you know that sooner or later you have to deal with that “Night of the Living Dead” tree in the corner. That doesn’t mean it’s dumpster-bound. Instead, we have some tips on how to put an old tree to good use.

Curbside pickup

Davidson County will recycle your tree for you: All you have to do is bring it out to the curb for your neighborhood’s brush and leaf collection day. To make sure it gets properly recycled, you’ll need to remove the tinsel, garland, tree stand, and ornaments before bringing it out.

Drop-off recycling

Maybe you just can’t wait for curbside pickup. Drop the tree off yourself at one of Metro’s 14 drop-off locations open through Monday, Feb. 13. Be sure to remove all decorations and properly secure the tree to your car if you opt for this route.

While artificial trees are not accepted at the drop-off centers, they can be taken to any of the four Metro convenience centers for disposal.

Looking to recycle for a good cause? Radnor Lake will turn your tree into mulch for the trails and The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald (~75 miles southeast) will turn it into a snack for the elephants. Both locations are accepting trees through Tuesday, Jan. 31.

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