NASHtoday’s 2023 restaurant bingo

Can you visit all 24 this year?

A chicken bowl from Riddim n Spice with a view of the back patio.

Are you up for a foodie challenge?

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We’re giving, “Well, that wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card,” a new narrative this year. With so many fresh and established foodie destinations in Music City, it’s hard to make a plan to visit them all — that’s where we come in.

Grab your daubers and come hungry. NASHtoday’s 2023 restaurant bingo card has arrived. A challenge, for you and for us, to visit 24 eateries that call Nashville home before the start of 2024.

How’s it work?

Simply screenshot and save the bingo card below and start marking the restaurants you visit in 2023 off the list. Go at your own pace, or spread it out over the course of the year (24 restaurants equals ~one restaurant every couple of weeks — give or take).

Perks of playing

Outside of expanding your palate and supporting local business, of course. We’re entering everyone who emails us a completed bingo card before Jan. 1, 2024 into a drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift card to our online store Six and Main.

A NASHtoday graphic resembling a bingo card filled with Nashville-based restaurants on it.

We’ll start you off with a free space.

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Eat your heart out

  • Bad luck Burger Club |~$5-$8 | Editor’s pick: Grilled cheese (add jalapeño for flair)
  • L by Lauter at Southern Grist | ~$5-$18 | Editor’s pick: Clam and shrimp chowder (butter crackers, green onion, and black pepper)
  • Two Hands | ~$5-$45 | Editor’s pick: Salmon quinoa bowl (grilled salmon, soft egg, turmeric quinoa, hummus, crunchy shaved veggies, avocado, cucumber, seeds, and puffed rice)
  • Cledis | ~$7-$10 | Editor’s pick: Bleu Berry Smash (grilled onion smash burger, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and bourbon strawberry jam)
  • Common Ground | ~$9-$39 | Editor’s pick: Whipped boursin toast (local AF Boursin cheese, herb salad, and seasonal fruit)
  • Fable Lounge | ~$6-$28 | Editor’s pick: Pomegranate balsamic glazed salmon (with rainbow potatoes and grilled asparagus)
  • The Mockingbird | ~$8-$29 | Editor’s pick: Beet salad (beet hummus, arugula, grapefruit vinaigrette, spiced pepita, and goat cheese)
  • Xiao Bao | Prices vary | Editor’s pick: Tuna tartar (Yu xiang sichuan sauce and beef fat hashbrowns)
  • Bill’s Sandwich Palace | ~$2-$12 | Editor’s pick: Pittsburgh (shaved roast pork loin, Parmesan garlic fries, vinegar and black pepper slaw, provolone cheese, honey mustard, and scallion mayo on a garlic butter toasted Charpier’s sesame seed bun.)
  • Any restaurant at The Wash |Prices vary | Editor’s pick: Tootsie Lou’s Tacos sampler box (one chicken, one pork, one sweet potato, and one carrot taco + four different salsas)
  • Pinky Ring Pizza | ~$6-$28 | Editor’s pick: Garlic knots (crispy garlic, Parmesan butter, basil, and marinara)
  • Harriet’s Rooftop | ~$11-$25 | Editor’s pick: Truffle scallop specialty roll (hamachi, jalapeno, avocado truffle ponzu, and fresh truffle)
  • Crieve Hall Bagel Co. | ~$5-$23 | Editor’s pick: Sea salt bagel (with maple walnut schmear)
  • Riddim n Spice | ~$10-$26 | Editor’s pick: Chicken bowl (add white rice, lettuce, caramelized onions, pepper, and cheddar with a side of BBQ jerk sauce)
  • Eat Bubbles | ~$7-$8 | Editor’s pick: Brown sugar milk (topped with boba, aloe, strawberry puree, and chia seeds)
  • Ella’s on 2nd | ~$4-$58 | Editor’s pick: Black truffle gnocchi (five-cheese fonduta, bread crumbs, and chives)
  • Yellow & Lavender | ~$4-$8 | Editor’s pick: GF muffin (classic brown sugar muffin dressed with the toppings of the day)
  • HiFi Cookies | ~$18-$40 | Editor’s pick: Cookies & c.r.e.a.m (white chocolate chip sugar cookie, loaded with Oreo cookies and chocolate sprinkles)
  • King Tuts | ~$6-$17 | Editor’s pick: Falafel plate (Fresh falafel, made from scratch + cooked to order)
  • Little Hats Market | ~$7-$15 | Editor’s pick: Chicken Parmesan sandwich (breaded chicken with house marinara, shredded mozzarella, salsa verde, Parmesan, and parsley on an Italian sub roll)
  • St. Vito Focacceria | Prices vary | Editor’s pick: Pepperoni pizza (plain jane, we know)
  • Halls Chophouse | ~$9-$165 | Editor’s pick: Grilled vegetable ravioli (peppers, mushroom, onion, carrot, asparagus, burrata, and tomato-cream sauce)
  • Pastaria | ~$10-$20 | Editor’s pick: Cacio e Pepe (chitarra noodles, pecorino, black pepper, and grana padano)
  • Ladybird Taco | ~$4-$13 | Editor’s pick: #12 lunch taco (carnitas, pickled red onion, and radish)
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