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From New York to Music City: Get ready to dine at Philippe Chow

Philippe Chow is slated to open sometime in 2024 in the Cummins Station area of downtown. Here’s what you can expect.

Dining room tables and purple velvet seating at Philippe Chow's Washington, DC location

While we wait for Philippe Chow to open, take a look at the Washington, DC location.

Photo via Philippe Chow

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New York-based, upscale Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow is getting ready to set the table at Cummins Station next year.

Named after owner and executive chef Philippe Chow, the 10,000-sqft restaurant will be one of the first locations outside of NYC, where the flagship restaurant opened in Manhattan nearly two decades ago.

One of the Beijing-style dishes at Philippe Chow

Hungry yet? The restaurant will serve a family-style menu.

Photo via Philippe Chow

What to eat + sip

The Nashville location will feature the brand’s “Beijing-style dishes” like salt and pepper lobster, glazed spare ribs, and filet mignon with oyster sauce. Other foodie favorites include dumplings + hand-pulled noodles.

The cocktail program will offer selections like an old fashioned made with coconut, banana and cacao + espresso and lychee martinis.

When it opens, Philippe Chow will be in good company with nearby Pullman Standard Cocktail Lounge, The Gibson Garage, and The Finch Grill & Raw Bar (expected to open this year).

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