Celebrate Pi Day with a slice of these Nashville pies

We’re putting the spotlight on Music City’s sweet and savory pies this Pi Day, Thursday, March 14.

A plated shepherds pie and glass of frothy beer placed on a counter.

Bowl up an appetite? Order the shepherd’s pie from Clark’s Landside Diner, located in the bowling alley. | Photo via Eastside Bowl

Every year on March 14, mathematicians and pie lovers alike celebrate Pi Day.

The faux holiday honors the mathematical constant pi — its first three digits are 3.14 — but we prefer to commemorate the day with the edible type of pie. Here are a few spots serving sweet and savory varieties.

  • Dozen Bakery | Dozen’s pastry menus rotate seasonally, so order the coconut passionfruit, lemon lavender, and mini s’mores pies while you can.
  • Eastside Bowl | The shepherd’s pie comes with a side of history — the Family Wash favorite is now served at the bowling alley’s diner.
  • Homegrown Taproom & Kitchen | Check the restaurant’s Facebook page for pie of the day specials, like banana cream, peanut butter, and pineapple ricotta.
  • Sunflower Bakehouse | Order the vegan pot pie made with red potatoes, veggies, and a creamy sauce with a gluten free crust. Bonus: The combo comes with soup or salad.
  • Schrock Family Farms | Sometimes nothing beats a whole pie you can sit on the kitchen counter and come back to. Pick up apple, peach, and chess varieties from The Produce Place.

Did we miss your favorite pie? Let us know, and we may share your response in a future newsletter.

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