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A record year: Tennessee raked in $27.5 billion in travel spending in 2022

Tennessee tourism is riding a high, earning recognition as the fastest-growing state and rising to 11th in the nation for travel spending.

Cars sit in traffic on Lower Broadway with honky tonks shown in the background.

Let’s lay on the (air) horn for this accomplishment.

Photo by @joeflo562

Next time you miss the light due to traffic, these numbers might add a fresh perspective. New preliminary data from U.S. Travel and Tourism Economics estimates our state earned $27.5 billion (yes, that’s a “B”) in travel spending last year — a record-high for the state and increase of 14% from 2021.

Out of the 25 highest-ranked states, travel spending moved Tennessee to No. 11 in the nation, previously sitting at No. 14 in 2020. The leisure and hospitality industry is the state’s second-leading industry, employing 350,000+ residents and supplying $1.8 billion in state tax collections in 2022. Read: Nashville’s hefty contribution.

Stay tuned, new county-level data is expected to drop in August.

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