15 ways to embrace a hygge life in Nashville

This Danish trend emphasizes all things comfortable and cozy.

This Danish trend emphasizes all things comfortable and cozy.

Stroll around the Gardens of Babylon. | Photo by @gardens_of_babylon

Are you familiar with “hygge?” The Danish word roughly translates to “warm coziness” and has been a design and health + wellness trend in the US for a few years now. With an emphasis on “enjoying the little things” like comfy clothes, warm socks + blankets, and steamy mugs of tea, it’s easy to see its appeal. Pro tip: It’s pronounced “hoo-gah.”

Keeping that in mind, here are 16 ways to practice hygge locally this year:

1. Revel in the lush wonders of Nashville’s indoor plant shops. And bring some home while you’re at it.

2. Light a candle. Pick up a rich and warm candle from Sweet Tea Candle Co. The Nashville Grind candle is sure to remind you of your favorite local coffee shop.

3. Take a nice hot bath. Make it even better by tossing in a fragrant, therapeutic bath bomb from Bubblery Nashville.

4. Discover a new hobby (and maybe strike up a few new friendships) at community meet-ups, book clubs, and networking events.

5. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. We are especially fond of the offerings from Longevity.

6. Enjoy a hot beverage. We love a cup of chai from The Horn, and if you’re already there, grab some fresh sambusas.


Enjoy a warm (or iced) cup of chai from The Horn. | Photo by The Horn

7. Breathe in fresh air at a local park. If you need to warm up, step inside the nature center at Warner Parks or Shelby Bottoms.

8. Take a nap. Hit up Bella Linea for all your bedding needs.

9. Share your love with a furry friend by volunteering at an animal shelter, like the Nashville Humane Association and Metro Animal Care and Control.

10. Have a picnic. And if you don’t want to prepare it yourself, may we suggest picking up bagels from one of these 13 local shops?

11. Hit the road and take in in the lovely sights of Middle Tennessee.

12. Pamper and recharge with a day at Spa Haus, Salt and Soles, or the brand-new Spa at Four Seasons.

13. Get an art fix. Whether you want to saunter around the Frist Art Museum or take in exhibits on display at the Fisk University Galleries or Cheekwood, art is a powerful way to experience the slow-paced comfort of hygge.

14. Discover pre-loved goods at a used bookstore or record shop. You never know what you’ll find at McKAY’s, Phonoluxe, or The Groove.

15. Fuel up for winter with savory soups at Woodlands, King Market, and Ty’s Soups and Sandwiches.

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