The Bones Family tradition in Clarksville, TN

Add this to your Halloween to-do list.

The Bones Family skeletons perform a puppet show.

What scene do you want to see next?

Photo via the Garcia family

No bones day you say? Release some skeleton-sion this work week by paying the Bones Family a visit — 2679 Elkmont Dr., Clarksville. Now in its 10th year, the Garcia family’s tradition is a humerus way to get the Middle Tennessee community into the Halloween spirit.

Each October, the yard is overtaken with ~50 skeletons, with Mr. Bones and Mrs. Bones front and center of every scene. The Bones Family stays busy, and depending on the day, you could see them enjoying everything from a family potluck to filming a movie and even hosting a talent show.

The project has been a labor of love between the Garcia family and Sarah Garcia’s late father, Glen Gustafson, a Vietnam veteran and fan of theatre. The family has been tactical in their approach, ensuring no scene has ever been repeated in the last decade. That hard work shows because each year on Halloween alone, 1,000+ kids visit the home.

Can’t make it in-person? Get a play-by-play (with photos) each day by following along with the Bones Family Facebook page.

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