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Learn which local composting service is right for you with this 2-minute survey

Compost Nashville is a local composting service that offers curbside food scrap (and other compostable materials) pickup for homes, businesses, and events.

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Man walks up steps to a home holding a green compost bin.

Compost Nashville offers residential and commercial composting services with a variety of scheduled pickup days.

Photo provided by Compost Nashville

Did you know that food doesn’t break down well when it’s just thrown in the trash? In fact, it produces methane in landfills, which is a powerful greenhouse gas (think: 25x more potent than CO2).

Luckily, composting food does not produce methane because it is given enough oxygen for aerobic (read: oxygen-loving) microbes to break it down. Here’s a quick composting refresher: You’ll collect fruits, veggies, and other items that have to be commercially composted, like meat, dairy, bones, oils + compostable plastics.

Compost Nashville aims to make composting the easiest step Nashvillians can take toward a more sustainable future thanks to their carbon-negative-based services.

To get composting, simply:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select a service level.
  3. Get your bin delivered (don’t worry, it’s replaced every week with a clean one).
  4. Fill it up.
  5. Get finished compost in return.

Compost Nashville’s residential service options include:

  • Weekly pick up of 1 bin: Most common match (which comes with a two-week free trial)
  • Weekly pick up of 2 bins: Best for larger households or avid gardeners who tend to produce more waste
  • Bi-weekly pick up of 1 bin: Best for low-wasters or people who live alone

Get familiar with items Compost Nashville does and does not accept.

Take the 2-minute quiz to find your service level

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