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Get clean air delivered to your door (at 50% off)

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A person sits crossed-legged, holding a Magic Filter in their right hand and a blue box with the words "FilterEasy" in their left. The room is all purple and has an air vent.

Did you know? A fresh air filter can reduce your HVAC energy consumption by up to 15%.

Photo provided by FilterEasy

Have you ever pulled out a shockingly dirty air filter and thought, “Wow, I was supposed to change this back in January”?

FilterEasy is here to make sure that never happens again.

They ship filters to your door right when it’s time for a change, helping to keep your air clean + your HVAC running smoothly.

Bonus: There’s no contract or commitment, and you can cancel or skip your shipments at any time. Plus, they even offer specialty bi-directional, super high-quality Magic Filters™.

Get 50% off your first order

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