Mayor Cooper’s 2023 capital spending plan for Nashville

The plan focuses on three core investment areas.

Mayor John Cooper speaking at a podium.

Mayor John Cooper speaking at a PENCIL event last year.

Photo via Metro Nashville

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One week prior to Mayor John Cooper’s announcement that he would not be running for reelection, Cooper dropped another big piece of news — the 2023 capital spending plan.

Unlike the capital improvements budget (think: a project wish list), the capital spending plan formally determines what infrastructure projects will be funded. It must first be approved by Metro Council.

We’re breaking down the $475 million plan, including what three investment areas will take top priority.

What’s going where?

💰 $155 million+ | Education initiatives, primarily MNPS

💰 $140 million+ | Public safety

💰 $97 million+ | Infrastructure and stormwater management

✏️ Public education

Where the money’s going

  • $27 million directed to upgrades, repairs, and maintenance across MNPS
  • Proposal to fully-fund three new elementary schools — Lakeview, Percy Priest, and Paragon Mills

🦺 Public safety

Where the money’s going

  • $92 million toward Phase 1 of a new Nashville Youth Campus for Empowerment, including a 24-hour assessment center, meeting rooms, and a safe exchange facility
  • $11 million directed to a new fire department headquarters, Old Hickory barn for MNPD mounted patrol, new emergency personnel vehicles, and a gun range

🏗️ City infrastructure

Where the money’s going

  • Nearly $79 million to NDOT — think: resurfacing projects, traffic calming, and Vision Zero initiatives
  • $13.8 million to expand sidewalk construction
  • $18.5 million for stormwater management

See a breakdown of each dollar allocation.

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