Get to know Nashville’s Turnip Green Creative Reuse

The nonprofit reuse center has a new home.

The nonprofit reuse center recently relocated to a new space.

Visit the Reuse Center to shop donated items. | Photo by NASHtoday

Nashville’s Turnip Green Creative Reuse has a new home, but the nonprofit reuse center didn’t travel far. Find the new location just south of downtown at 1014 3rd Ave. S.

Since 2011, Turnip Green has been a hub for artists, makers, educators, and collectors looking to shop sustainably. Through community donations, the center diverts ~30,000 pounds each month from landfills. It also hosts adult and youth workshops and showcases local artwork in the Green Gallery and Marketplace.

With the new space up and running, we’re sharing FAQs so you can shop, donate items, and volunteer your time with ease.


Save time to flip through records, cassettes, VHS tapes, and more. | Photo by NASHtoday

What items can I donate?

Hundreds of materials that typically can’t be recycled or donated to other charities can be given to Turnip Green for educational purposes or to be sold in the Reuse Center. Use this interactive list to filter accepted materials, everything from carpet samples and flower pots to candle jars and paintings. For items not accepted — like sheets, towels, dishware, and hangers — hover over the listing to see suggested donation sites in Nashville.

When can I drop-off donations?

Small materials can be donated on Tuesday–Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 pm. Items cannot be dropped off when the business is closed.

I’m ready to shop — how does pricing work?

Materials in the Reuse Center are “pay what you wish,” and shoppers are encouraged to pay what they can reasonably afford. Items in the Green Gallery and Marketplace are marked with a price.

Can I volunteer at Turnip Green?

Yes — volunteer opportunities are available in the reuse center (think: stocking shelves + processing items), at community events, and via internships.


Stock up on yarn and other craft supplies. | Photo by NASHtoday

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