Best places to have a good cry around Nashville

Who’s choppin’ onions in here?

A look down Broadway at night as people walk through the crosswalk and cars are stalled on the street. You can see Robert's Wester World, Jack's Bar-B-Que, and The Stage neon signs clearly on the exterior of the buildings.

You won’t hear any tiny violins playing here.

Photo by Chad Morehead via Unsplash

Carrie Underwood said you can’t cry pretty, and that may be the case, but a solid public breakdown just hits the spot every now and then.

Here are the best places in town to let the dam doors open.


Bear with us, we know what you’re thinking. “Broadway is the most populated area of the city, why would we go there?” To that, we raise you two key reasons: Most people are visiting, so you won’t have to see them again + “Friends in Low Places” will drown out the wails.

Centennial Park, 2500 West End Ave.

Wallow along Lake Watauga with some Taylor Swift in your headphones. We personally suggest setting up shop beneath the willow seen in the photo below to really set the tone.

A tree's green branches hang down into the water at Centennial Park. In the Green, mature trees line the background and a fountain sits turned on in the middle of the lake.

Cue the waterworks.

Photo by NASHtoday

Fahrenheit Yoga, 2909 12th Ave. S.

Is it sweat? Tears? No one will ever know when you take the heated power vinyasa flow by candlelight. Pro tip: Take an extra beat in child’s pose for yourself.

Cry Baby Hair Salon, 1219 17th Ave. S. #4

I mean, need we say more? If you’re also looking to vent, tea is best spilled in a salon chair with an active listener — aka your stylist. Plus, you get a cut and to talk it out for the price of one.

Grandpa Bar, 1501 Herman St. #123

Have a good old fashioned cry in one of the dark corners of this moody bar + reflect on your sorrows. Optional: sipping on a strong Manhattan.

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