How to report potholes in Nashville

Help out the city by reporting these street blemishes.

Two workers in yellow construction vests use a shovel and a rake to pour and smooth new asphalt on a roadway in Nashville.

Nashville is trying to smooth things over.

Photo via NDOT

Hole-y moley. NDOT repaired 26,000 potholes last year, with 2,413 of them pothole repair requests from hubNashville.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s 9,000 fewer than the year prior and we’ve had tons of potholes to repair. The bad news? TDOT says a winter of heavy snow or rain and several freeze-thaw cycles can mean a big pothole season ahead (gulp). The good news? We’re here to help you crack down on those annoying lil’ road gremlins and maybe save someone’s tread.

🔎 Find ‘em

You won’t have trouble spotting potholes now. When temps go below freezing, like they did this past week, the water from rain or melted snow expands and pushes the pavement up. Eventually, the cracks in the raised pavement grow bigger and loosen. Voila — you have a pothole.

Take note of where they are around your neighborhood or usual driving route.

✏️ Report ‘em

Metro Nashville has a handy site where you can report a pothole via a short form. You’ll be able to track your request on the platform.

Pro tip: Still experiencing snowy and icy neighborhoods? There’s a form for that, too. Note that NDOT clears roads based on a route system. After priority routes are completed, the department will evaluate other roadways as deemed appropriate.

🧾 Turn ‘em in

If a pothole on a state-maintained road or highway damaged your vehicle, you can submit a damage claim, which is investigated on a case-by-case basis through the Tennessee Department of Treasury. Be prepared to provide the following:

  • The exact location where the incident occurred
  • Proof of ownership for the damaged vehicle
  • Documentation of your repair costs (Think: Invoices for the repair, repair estimates, etc.)