4 Nashville-themed table topics this holiday season

Spread the holiday cheer by chatting about growing businesses, expanding developments, and local history

The downtown Nashville skyline at night.

Get the table talking with these local topics of conversation.

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Dreading the debates and cringe questions that tend to take over holiday meals? Consider employing one of these four table topicsthey may just lead to your favorite conversation yet.

Business is booming

We’re chalking 2022 up as the year for the Nashville foodies. From unique concepts like a cereal bar in 12 South, to Hillsboro Village’s frosé destination, you might finally convince Aunt Beatrice to make the trip from Decorah, Iowa. Go the extra mile and ease her travel fears with this guide to navigating the Nashville International Airport.

Nashville history to heat up a convo

Share part of Nashville’s past with your table. Read up on the sweet history of the cotton candy machine or belly laugh watching recaps of Music City’s country comedy variety TV show. If your crowd likes to talk tackles and fantasy leagues, introduce them to some of Nashville’s defunct sports teams.

Don’t sleep on development

Catch up on how the city’s skyline might change in the near future — from the ongoing discussion of where the Tennessee Titans’ stadium will be located to the revitalization of the East Bank and the big players calling the Nashville Yards development home.

Let’s get quizzacle

Impress your friends and family with these 15 interesting facts about the city. Quiz them on which ones they do or don’t know — like which media icon got their start as a TV anchor in the 615.

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