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Try This: Care care anywhere with Mobile Mechanic by Asurion

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Mobile Mechanic by Asurion provides quick, convenient car care. | Photo provided by Asurion

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Katie here. While preparing to hit the road for a trip, I realized I was in need of last-minute car service. Thankfully, Asurion’s Mobile Mechanic was able to come right to my apartment and fully service my car in under one hourall while I was in virtual meetings. Read along to learn how you can Try This + get quick, convenient car care.

Mobile Mechanic by Asurion comes to wherever you are | Photo by the NASHtoday team

What we tried (with pricing):

First, I set up a time for the team to come to my apartment. Appointments can be scheduled via Asurion’s website + they can come to you as soon as the next day.

When they arrived, all I had to do was hand over my keys. I was even able to go outside to watch the process, and pick their brains about what was happening.

I received real-time details on the full service (which included an oil change, safety inspection, new fluids + more), and guided through some of their additional upkeep recommendations.

Mobile Mechanic by Asurion provides oil changes, tire rotations, and more. | Photo by the NASHtoday team

What not to miss:

While Mobile Mechanic offers one-time oil changes, you can receive certain services any time you need through its Maintenance+ membership program. Low fluids? Need windshield wiper replacements? Whatever it is, Maintenance+ members can schedule a next-day appointment, even if it’s just for a general tune-up. It literally couldn’t be easier.

What we’re still talking about:

Car maintenance can be intimidating, especially if (like me) you don’t know much about cars. Not only is the team kind and helpful — the pricing and services are fully transparent.

And because Asurion guarantees a flat-rate service cost, you know what to expect to spend (hello, accurate budgeting).

How you can experience this:

Surprised at how simple this is? Let us repeat: Just go to Asurion’s site, choose whether you want a one-time service or monthly/annual membership, and select your appointment time. They do the rest.

Asurion’s business model has transparency built in. | Photo provided by Asurion

Things to know if you go:

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