The fall soundscape of Nashville, TN

ASMR you ready for this?

Orange leaves covering a pathway at Edwin Warner Park.

Nashville leaves began turning this week.

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‘Tis the season for extra layers, and Nashville has a lot of them. You might remember us sharing Nashville’s soundscape a few months ago, but some sounds are just distinctly Nashville fall.

Today, we’re taking a look (or a listen) at some of these local sounds and how they make us feel at home as the seasons change.

First thing’s first, a quick refresher on ASMR: It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — a feeling of well-being caused by a specific stimulus, like a sound.

🍂 Unbeleafable walks

There’s nothing like the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. Tennessee leaves began turning this week and will hit peak colors Thurs., Nov. 3. We took a stroll through Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park this weekend and, bonus, also heard the sounds of a friendly game of pickup soccer.

🛍️ Farmers market finds

Oh my gourd, the Nashville Farmers Market is a regular stop during the fall season. From autumn jams and spreads to locally-grown pumpkins and fresh apple cider, these fall goodies are the star of the show at our tailgates and bonfires.

🏈 The crowd goes wild

The Titans are heading into Week 7 of the 2022 regular season on a three-game winning streak + the team reached a deal with the city for a $2.1B stadium this week — so, there’s a lot to cheer about. Pro tip: Be sure to read Friday’s newsletter for tailgating recipes from local chefs before you Titan Up at Nissan Stadium this weekend.

🎟️ Fall festival fun

On any given October weekend, vendors stocked with handmade goods will takeover Nashville streets, live music will fill the air, and kids activities like pumpkin carving, face painting, and corn mazes will catch your eye. Keep the Nashville Tequila Festival and Franklin’s 37th Annual Pumpkinfest on your radar.

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