Tips for stargazing in Nashville

Reference this guide for a list of ways to go stargazing in Nashville, TN.


Look up, Music City. | Photo by Jeremy Thomas via Unsplash

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TLC said don’t go chasing waterfalls but they never mentioned we shouldn’t chase down stars and constellations. Although you can’t technically chase the stars, they can be tricky to spot. We’re here to give you the full rundown of all things astronomy happening this spring.

Constellations to look out for in April:

Plus, plan ahead for constellations that will be most visible in May and June.

Pro tip: Check out this light pollution map to plan the perfect stargazing experience in + around Nashville. Plus, bring this printable April night sky map with you so that you can easily find the constellations.

Meteor showers

  • Lyrid — April 22-23
  • Eta Aquarid — May 5-6
  • Delta Aquarid — July 30-31
  • Alpha Capricornid — July 30-31
  • Perseid — Aug. 12-13
  • Orionid — Oct. 20-21
  • Northern Taurid — Nov. 11-12
  • Leonid — Nov. 17-18
  • Geminid — Dec. 13-14
  • Ursid — Dec. 21-22

Bonus: Here are some cool tools you can utilize for all of your astronomical + stargazing needs:

Interested in more? Join an astronomy club like the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society. The local club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council Building and hosts public star parties + other events throughout the year. Bookmark Dyer Observatory’s events calendar so you don’t miss telescope nights, astronomer talks, and public tours.

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