Play “Would You Rather” with us, Nashville

Pull this Nashville-specific game out at your next family gathering

A view of the Cumberland River and the downtown Nashville skyline at night.

Play this game with your friends as the perfect nightcap.

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When’s the last time you played a game of “Would You Rather,” Nashville?

In case you’ve never played, here’s a quick rundown:

Step 1 A question is posed that pitches two options. Example: “Would you rather live in Nashville, Tennessee, or any other city in the world?”

Step 2 You decide what you’d rather do. No surprise here, we’re saying the 615.

Now that you’re a “Would You Rather” expert, let’s tap into our inner middle schoolers and play this nostalgic game, featuring some of the Music City’s most iconic landmarks, qualities + foods.

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you anything gruesome or anxiety provoking (that’s not really our style).

Whether it’s choosing between seeing Dolly Parton or Blake Shelton, or deciding if you’d rather have a lifetime supply of meat-and-threes or Daddy’s Dogs, we want to know what you’d rather do.

Question one

Would you rather spend two hours playing tourist in your own city with Dolly Parton OR get a day on the set of “Barmageddon” asking Blake Shelton anything you want about the show?

  • 9-5 with Dolly would be ideal, but two hours will do.
  • I’m ready for my TV debut with Blake.

Question two

Would you rather have the endurance to run around Radnor Lake forever OR the speed to get from The Nations to East in five minutes?

  • Give me endurance.
  • Give me speed.

Question three

Would you rather take in rooftop skyline views at Rare Bird on a Friday night OR catch a live performance at Ascend Amphitheater?

  • Cocktail in hand, please.
  • Live music is my love language.

Question four

Would you rather have unlimited meat-and-three at MacHenry’s OR Chicago dogs from Daddy’s Dogs?

  • My money is on meat-and-threes.
  • Daddy’s Dogs daily, please.

Question five

Would you rather be the star of an episode of “Flip or Flop Nashville” OR make a five-second appearance in “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?

  • HGTV? Sign me up.
  • Take me to Flavortown!

Question six

Would you rather live in Germantown loft OR a quiet subdivision in Mount Juliet?

  • Germantown loft — I live for the hustle + bustle.
  • Quiet subdivision — I like my alone time.

Question seven

Would you rather get a firsthand look at the future Nissan Stadium OR take a private tour of Bridgestone Arena with Roman Josi?

  • Titan Up!
  • Smashville!

Question eight

Would you rather experience Nashville 100 years ago OR 100 years in the future?

  • Take me back.
  • Show me the future.

Record your answers here. Thanks for playing, Nashville. Is there a “Would You Rather” question about the city that you’d like to see answered? Send it our way and we might just pose it to your fellow readers.

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