Nashville approves new transportainment regulations


Photo via @_metz_kaptured

If you’ve been a Nashville resident for any considerable amount of time, you’ve likely come across transportainment vehicles (aka party buses).

These vehicles — contained mostly in the downtown area vary in size, type, and theme and now fall under new regulations approved by Metro Council.

What’s changing

The new ordinance gives the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission authority to regulate large entertainment vehicles. The vehicles previously fell under state authority + Nashville could only oversee those that carry fewer than 14 passengers (think pedal taverns and horse-drawn carriages).

Here’s what to expect under the new rules:

  • The MTLC will now oversee the permit process as well as determine approved routes, operation zones, and hours of operation.
  • Alcohol will not be allowed on transportainment vehicles beginning Dec. 1.
  • The types and levels of noise amplification can be regulated by the MTLC.

What’s next

While we wait to see what specific guidelines are established by the MTLC, some council members plan to continue the conversation around transportainment.

District 19 Council Member Freddie O’Connell, who sponsored the ordinance along with 25+ cosponsors, plans to introduce new legislation that would allow a “bring your own” alcohol option for transportainment vehicles.


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