Love songs for Nashville’s love birds

Turn up NASHtoday’s Spotify playlist just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A screenshot of NASHtoday's new Spotify playlist.

Let’s do as Spotify suggests and find something for this playlist.

Photo by NASHtoday

Would y’all be interested in helping us curate a Valentine’s Day-themed playlist featuring songs by Nashville-based artists? Check yes or no.

In case you didn’t know, NASHtoday has our own Spotify account where we put together various playlists throughout the year for you to jam out to at home or blast throughout the office. Go ahead and “follow” our account now so you can be notified when the new playlist drops on Tuesday.

It’s no secret we work better together, so we’re turning to you for your love song recs. Whether rock runs through your veins, you can always count on country, or soul sits best with you — we’ll spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more, if that’s what it takes to deliver these tunes in time for the day of love. Submit your picks here. 💗

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