Guide to parking in Nashville, TN

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Here’s everything to know about parking in and around downtown Nashville.

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We know all too well that finding a parking spot downtown can be an adventure. If you’re tired of circling the block in search of that perfect spot, here’s a quick go-to parking guide that will help you arrive at your destination on time.

Metered parking

Around 1,000 metered parking spaces are located throughout the Central Business District and areas west of downtown. Computerized parking pay stationsaka meters that accept coins, bills, and credit cards — are located on Deaderick Street, Korean Veterans Boulevard, and 5th Avenue North. Rates are $2.25 per hour in the Central Business District + $1.75 per hour at all others.

Garage parking

Metro operates two public parking facilities — the Church Street Plaza Garage (151 6th Ave. N.) connected to the main library + the Public Square Garage (101 James Robertson Pkwy.) connected to the Metro Courthouse. Rates are:

  • $3 to $20 for daily parking
  • $10 to $15 for event parking
  • $5 to $10 for night and weekend parking after 5 p.m.

Looking for something a little closer to your destination? Check out this interactive parking map for all garages and surface lots (plus charging stations) in the downtown core. Pro tip: Click on each lot to see the number of spaces + hourly and daily rates.

Tips for your trips

  • Metered parking is free after 6 p.m. on Monday-Saturday, all day on Sunday, and on observed Metro holidays. When in doubt, enforcement hours are displayed on each meter.
  • Drivers who own certain hybrid + non-hybrid vehicles can park for free in most areas of downtown.
  • Parking at any metered space is free for drivers with handicap placards or license plates.
  • Forego parking altogether and use public transportation. Ride into downtown via train using WeGo Star (all seven stations are located east of downtown) or navigate the city via bus using WeGo Transit. View the full list of transit services.
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