Five food challenges to try around Nashville

Your eyes might be bigger than your stomach, but you won’t know until you feast on these challenges on your quest to be crowned the ultimate foodie.

A red and white checkered tablecloth covers a table with a plate of steak and separate plate of rolls, salad, and onion rings.

The real challenge is finding a spot to store the fixins’ too.

Photo via Star Rover Sound

How much is too much of your favorite dishes around Nashville? Put those taste buds to the test and bite off more than you can chew with one of the area’s few food challenges.

Star Rover Sound | 1400 Adams St. | 76’er steak challenge | Eat the 76-ounce standing rib roast, a milk roll, side salad, fries, and onion rings in under one hour to receive the meal for a free, a t-shirt, and your signature on the winners wall.

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint | Locations vary | Oreo challenge | See how many deep fried Oreos topped with powdered sugar you can eat for a chance to get your name on the leader board. Pro tip: The challenge resets at the start of the new year.

Bowie’s Nashville | 174 3rd Ave. N. | Burger challenge | Fill up on a three-pound burger topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, and sauce — and don’t forget the generous portion of waffle fries.

Pho T & N | 3745 Annex Ave. | Pho challenge | Conquer five pounds of meat and noodles, which equates to ~3.5 of the regular bowls, in 45 minutes for a free meal, cash reward, and t-shirt (when in stock).

The Bunganut Pig Bar and Restaurant | 1143 Columbia Ave., Franklin | The Pig Challenge | Five favorites (Mother Trucker, Lotz O’ Bacon, Jalapeno, The Pig, and Black & Bleu) make up one large two-and-a-half-pound stack — with a side, of course. Eat it in 30 minutes and the Colossal Burger is free, plus you’ll get a t-shirt telling the tale.

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