Follow Little Amal’s journey through Nashville

The 12-ft puppet is making a pit stop in Music City on her 6,000-mile voyage across America with an appearance in Midtown.

Little Amal leads a parade of people down a city street as they hold welcome signs.

Nashvillians are invited to join in on the free events as Amal makes her way across the US to San Diego.

Photo provided by OZ Arts Nashville

Don’t let the name fool you — there’s nothing small about Little Amal. The 12-ft puppet has pulled a few strings and is en route to make a big impact on her 6,000-mile journey across the US.

Amal (meaning “hope” in Arabic) resembles a 10-year-old Syrian refugee. She’s the handiwork of Handspring Puppet Company, which created Amal to raise awareness about the experiences of refugees and displaced peoples.

After traveling 15 countries since 2021, Amal began her 38-city American journey in Boston earlier this month. Ever since, she’s been winding her way across the map to reach Nashville on Thursday, Oct. 5. Her interactive travels will take her to Midtown before she advances to Chattanooga, Georgia, and beyond.

Want to meet Amal in Music City? At 5 p.m., a storm begins brewing as Amal reaches Centennial Park, but she’ll weather through to continue her journey. Join her on the west side of the Great Lawn for a performance with students from Rejoice School of Ballet, drummers from Global Education Center, and more. Pro tip: The celebration proceeds southward and concludes in a gathering at the Musicians Corner Amphitheater.

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