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A view of the Pedestrian Bridge and the Cumberland River.

Would You Rather see a downtown Nashville sunrise or sunset?

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Would you rather…? We asked, and boy, did y’all give us some answers (nearly 200 responses, to be exact). Spend the day with Dolly Parton OR Blake Shelton? Tour the new Titans stadium OR go behind the scenes at Bridgestone Arena? Read the answers to these burning questions below + editor Dylan and Skylar’s picks.

Would you rather spend two hours playing tourist in your own city with Dolly Parton OR get a day on the set of “Barmageddon” asking Blake Shelton anything you want about the show?

🥇 9-5 with Dolly would be ideal: 167 votes
🥈 I’m ready for my TV debut with Blake: 22 votes

Editor picks: Dylan wants to know Dolly’s favorite local spots. Skylar is a sucker for all things show biz and simply can’t pass up any screentime stardom.

Would you rather have the endurance to run around Radnor Lake forever OR the speed to get from The Nations to East in five minutes?

🥇 Give me endurance: 111 votes
🥈 Give me speed: 78 votes

Editor picks: Dylan’s least favorite activity is sitting in traffic — give me speed, please. Skylar chooses endurance because she’s known to arrive everywhere 30 minutes early anyways.

Would you rather take in rooftop skyline views at Rare Bird on a Friday night OR catch a live performance at Ascend Amphitheater?

🥇 Live music is my love language: 136 votes
🥈 Cocktail in hand, please: 53 votes

Editor picks: Skylar can’t dance, but that doesn’t stop her from busting a move any time she gets to see a live performance (plus, outdoor concerts are a top tier listening environment). Dylan agrees — bring on outdoor concert season.

Would you rather have unlimited meat-and-three at MacHenry’s OR Chicago dogs from Daddy’s Dogs?

🥇 My money is on meat-and-threes: 139 votes
🥈 Daddy’s Dogs daily, please: 47 votes

Editor picks: Skylar is an old soul + loves the vibe of a drive-in-style eatery, so she would choose Daddy’s Dogs for that reason alone — but it doesn’t hurt it’s dangerously close to home, too. On the other hand, Dylan was raised on meat-and-threes, but it’s all about the veggies for her these days.

Would you rather be the star of an episode of “Flip or Flop” Nashville OR make a five second appearance in “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?”

🥇 HGTV? Sign me up: 116 votes
🥈 Take me to Flavortown: 73 votes

Editor picks: Dylan doesn’t want to be on TV, but she does want a home renovation. So “Flip or Flop” it is. Skylar always has an HGTV show of some sort on as background noise throughout the day and doesn’t turn down a little DIY.

Would you rather live in Germantown loft OR a quiet subdivision in Mount Juliet?

🥇 I live for the hustle + bustle: 118 votes
🥈 Peace and quiet, please: 71 votes

Editor picks: Skylar has a soft spot for industrial lofts with exposed piping + brick and a nice view of the city. Dylan could also see herself moving closer to the city.

Would you rather get a firsthand look at the future Nissan Stadium OR take a private tour of Bridgestone Arena with Roman Josi?

🥇 Titan Up: 101 votes
🥈 Smashville: 87 votes

Editor picks: Skylar was just cheering on the Preds at Bridgestone Arena last night — is her answer that obvious? Meanwhile, Dylan says “Titan Up.”

Would you rather experience Nashville 100 years ago OR 100 years in the future?

🥇 Show me the future: 100 votes
🥈 Take me back: 89 votes

Editor picks: Dylan is traveling to the future — whatever it’s like, she’ll probably still be catching a movie at The Belcourt. Skylar’s favorite subject in school was always history, so she’d want to travel back in time (specifically, to visit some traditional speakeasies).

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