Vision Zero and what it means for Nashville, TN

Nashville's Vision Zero initiative is still in the early stages of development. | Photo by Pexels

Nashville is embarking on a plan to eliminate traffic-related deaths + reduce crashes and serious injuries.

The city’s Vision Zero initiative — still in the early stages of development — began in January 2020 when Mayor John Cooper committed to joining the initiative already in action in 40 cities across the US. Since then, the Vision Zero team has spent the past year analyzing local traffic incident data and working with community groups like Walk Bike Nashville on developing an action plan.

Nashville’s Department of Transportation now wants to hear from residents about their experiences walking, driving, bicycling + taking the bus around Nashville.

Through Mon., Aug 30, residents can visit the city’s Vision Zero website + share streets or intersections where you feel unsafe walking, driving, or biking. The community survey results will help transportation officials develop the overall plan — expected to be released in full later this year — with short-term and long-term safety improvements. 

For now, ongoing improvements include projects at dangerous roads and intersections, installing new lighting at pedestrian crossings, and lowering speed limits from 30 to 25 mph in neighborhoods across the city.

Ready to get started and share your thoughts with the city? Head to the project’s landing page to launch the survey, which takes about 5 minutes to complete.