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Nashville attracts more than 53,000 businesses with its diverse economy, creative culture, low cost of business, and well-educated population — according to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Among the diverse companies here, there are five key industries that have a major impact on county residents + economic growth:

Health care

  • More than half of the privately-owned hospital beds in the US are operated by Nashville-area companies.
  • Nashville’s health care industry directly employs over 126,000 — 28,000+ of which come from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville’s largest company).

Music + entertainment

  • Nashville has the highest concentration of music industry establishments in the nation.
  • The industry has a total annual impact of ~$15.9 billion + four times more music industry employment than any other US city.

Advanced manufacturing

  • Nashville connects 20 states by the CSX rail system, air cargo at BNA is supported by 10 major carriers, and the city offers competitive freight transport rates.
  • The industry showed a 35% increase in new jobs between 2010 and 2019, and most industry workers are employed as construction laborers.

Corporate operations

  • Nashville’s talent pipeline makes it one of the most desirable headquarters + corporate office locations in America — around 60% of students choose to remain in the area to work.
  • Nashville was the second “hottest job market” in the country in 2020 according to the Wall Street Journal + had five companies on the Fortune 500 list most recently.

Supply chain management

  • Nashville is one of six US cities with three major intersecting interstate highways.
  • Location advantages allow one- and two-day truck delivery times to more than 75% of all US markets.

This information is derived from the most recent data published by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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