See NASHtoday’s aura — and get yours read, too

NASHtoday is sporting a “Coat of Many Colors.”

A Polaroid photo depicting NASHtoday's aura, photographed near the Tertiary Sight sign.

NASHtoday’s aura is a rainbow mix of yellow, orange, blue, and purple.

Photo by NASHtoday

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Storytellers. Creative. Truth seekers. Visionary. That’s NASHtoday’s vibe, according to Tertiary Sight.

Owned + operated by Jane Adams Grote, Tertiary Sight specializes in reading the aurasor the energetic states — of clients, which correspond to the seven chakras of the body.

How it works

Metal hand plates receive electricity from your body that cast vibrant hues over your image, which develops in about five minutes on Polaroid paper.

“Typically, I say the camera captures a season of life,” Jane said. “I say it captures a season of life because number one, it puts it back on you to decide what this experience means for you and how this experience resonates with your practices + your beliefs.”

What our colors mean

  • Yellow/Orangerepresenting the expressive energy we put out — depicts our personality as storytellers and creators who operate from joy + understand the power of self-expression.
  • Rainbow/Blue/Orangethe shared present energy where our thoughts live — is a feeling color depicting authentic truth seekers having a lot going on and, equally, a lot of support.
  • Purple the shared receptive energy we are calling to ourselves — is a playful color representing imagination and activation, which depicts our ability to call in inspirations and grow our vision at large.
  • White/Green which you’ll see between Editor Skylar + Editor Dylan — depicts how open we are with one another and the encouragement we share to grow and heal together.

Tie it all together and we’re some idea actualizing, passionate storytellers with a knack for seeing the big picture in Music City.

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