Rent local artwork through Metro Arts’ Lending Library

“Nashville in my Mind” by Olga Alexeeva | Photo via Metro Arts

Metro Arts + Nashville Public Library will launch the Lending Library this summer — an initiative that promotes accessibility to art while simultaneously supporting local artists. 🎨

60 pieces of original artwork from Nashville-based artists — including paintings, photographs + mixed media — will be available to check out with a library card and can be borrowed for up to 3 months. Borrowers will pick up their chosen piece of artwork in a protective case, and once home they can take it out and even hang it up on a wall

Here’s a look at some of the beautiful pieces. 

“Nashville in my Mind” by Olga Alexeeva

“Nashville in my Mind” by Olga Alexeeva | Photo via Metro Arts

Olga is a former-actress-turned-painter who opened O Gallery in Nashville following her relocation from the Soviet Union. To her, this piece represents “celebrating Nashville as a place of happiness and pride.” 

“The Blues” by Erin McDermott 

“The Blues” by Erin McDermott | Photo via Metro Arts

Inspired by pop art + Picasso, this colorful portrait pays tribute to the importance of blues music in Nashville. Erin saw the featured man in a documentary of a well-known local songwriter and, though he was unnamed, she wanted to pay tribute to his musical inspiration. 

“Two Ribbons Promise, Germantown” by Christopher Wormald

“Two Ribbons Promise, Germantown” by Christopher Wormald | Photo via Metro Arts

This photograph, shot outside Christopher’s apartment in Germantown, was taken amid the aftermath of 2020’s devastating tornadoes + the COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place. He saw the rainbows as a “sign of hope and peace for our community.” 

The Lending Library’s pieces aren’t for sale, but are used to shine a light on local artists + grow their clientele by encouraging those interested to purchase their work separately.   

The pilot program will be launched at NPL’s Madison + Southeast branches.