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Your guide to picking up pickleball in the Nashville area

It seems like everyone’s playing pickleball these days. Find out more about the sport and how to get involved in Nashville.

A player holds a pickball paddle on the court.

Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court at the Brentwood location. | Photo by Williamson County Parks and Recreation

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The pickleball craze continues — across the country and right here in Nashville.

The sport that mixes elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton has gained popularity over the years, and today is a celebration of it all: National Pickleball Day.

If you play pickleball locally, this stat may not surprise you: Nashville ranked No. 59 in the US for number of pickleball courts per capita. The demand for courts is outpacing the supply, but that’s not slowing down Music City’s pickleball scene.

Find your pickle pack

Music City Pickleball
This social club celebrates all things pickleball in Middle Tennessee and hosts club play, clinics, and more at TOA Sports Performance Center in Franklin.

Nashville Pickleball
Facebook group for sharing open play opportunities, tournament announcements, court openings, and more.

Pickleball Kids USA
The organization promotes the sport through lessons, summer camps, and a certified coach program.

This Nashville pickleball community has grown to 2,100+ members since forming in July 2022.

Court with multiple nets designed for pickleball and racquet play

Lipscomb Racquet Club facilities are perfect for early morning and evening play. | Photo via Lipscomb Racquet Club

Local courts

Whether you’re new to the game or haven’t played in awhile, brush up on the rules and find a local court.

Centennial Sportsplex Tennis Center, 224 25th Ave. N.
The athletic complex’s eight outdoor tennis courts double as pickleball courts. Bookmark the calendar for open play hours ($10 for nonmembers) and Intro to Pickleball classes ($40).

Metro Parks and Recreation, Various locations
Metro offers indoor and outdoor pickleball play at 15+ parks and regional centers, though some places require you to bring your own net.

Green Hills Park, 1200 Lone Oak Rd.
Located by the park and J.T. Moore Middle School, the courts are free to play.

Lipscomb Racquet Club, 4112 Belmont Blvd.
Daily open play for $15/person per time slot. On weekdays, play as early as 6:15 a.m. and as late as 10:15 p.m.

The Mall at Green Hills, 2126 Abbott Martin Rd.
Finish your shopping trip with a game of pickleball on the lower level near Dillard’s — it’s BYOP (bring your own paddle).

Gallatin Civic Center, 210 Albert Gallatin Ave.
Live, work, or play near Gallatin? Pay $5 to play on the courts inside the gym. Additionally, Municipal Park (160 Municipal Park Dr.) has six outdoor courts dedicated to pickleball.

Delmas Long Community Center, 200 Memorial Dr.
Indoor pickleball open play is offered at various times throughout the week and is open to non-residents and residents of Goodlettsville. Bonus: Pick up a pass for 10 or 20 visits.

Don’t put the paddle down just yet — find more public pickleball courts in the Middle Tennessee area.

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