Breaking down 30 acres of Nashville’s East Bank

The riverfront area you see today could look much different in the future, according to preliminary plans for the East Bank.

Rendering of buildings, buses, and people traversing the future East Bank Boulevard. | Rendering via Metro Nashville

A conceptual rendering of East Bank Boulevard released in 2022 as part of the the Imagine East Bank Plan. | Rendering via Metro Nashville

A clearer vision of the East Bank is unfolding following Monday night’s Ad-Hoc East Bank Committee meeting, where leaders unveiled draft plans for ~30 acres of Metro-owned land surrounding the future Nissan Stadium.

According to Metro Chief Development Officer Bob Mendes, the plan in its current form is not precise, but “this is what [Metro] is calling the current master plan if there were no more changes between now and the end of the negotiations.”

A closer look

Here’s a parcel-by-parcel breakdown of the area surrounding the future Nissan Stadium:

  • Parcels A and B: A WeGo Transit mobility hub with affordable housing above it (Parcel A) and hotel, parking, and/or retail (Parcel B) that could take 10+ years to be developed.
  • Parcel C: This parcel borders the “South Plaza” of the future Nissan Stadium and could include a hotel and parking garage
  • Parcel D: Residential and retail
  • Parcel G: Affordable housing, retail, and office
  • Parcels E and F: Potential uses include a cultural building, a hotel, and residential, retail, and office spaces. The parcels border the pedestrian bridge, which would be “substantially reworked” and extended over the future East Bank Boulevard.

“The development we’re anticipating will start south of the stadium... and work its way to the river over time,” Mendes said at the meeting. “What’s shown as Parcels A and B — on the left of the stadium — would almost certainly be last.”

A graphic of ~30 acres of Metro-owned land surrounding the future Nissan Stadium. Parcels A-G will be dedicated to a variety of uses, including hotel, retail, transit and more.

This preliminary graphic divides ~30 acres of Metro-owned land into parcels that will be transformed into spaces for housing, retail, transit, and other uses. | Graphic via Metro Nashville

TPAC + affordable housing

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center is expected to relocate to the East Bank, specifically on Parcel E, according to a “tentative agreement” reached with Metro. The city will own the land, approve future designs, and is working out lease terms with TPAC.

“We’re excited about TPAC being on the East Bank,” Mendes said at the meeting. “[The] Imagine East Bank [Plan] from a couple years ago talked about cultural use being valuable.”

Another key component of the plan is affordable housing. Of the ~1,550 residential units anticipated in this area, city leaders discussed having a combined ~700 affordable units across multiple residential buildings.

Get involved

District 5 Council Member Sean Parker and District 6 Council Member Clay Capp are hosting an East Bank Town Hall meeting at Warner Arts Elementary (626 Russell St.) on Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 6:30 p.m. Can’t make it? Watch Monday night’s East Bank Committee meeting in full.

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