Nashville lands $13 million grant for Nolensville Pike

The $13 million comes to Nashville via the US Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets and Roads for All initiative. The department awarded $817 million to 385 communities in this funding round.

A map of the Nolensville Pike corridor in Nashville with a highlighted section between McCall Street and Haywood Lane

Let’s zoom into the project area, which stretches from McCall Street to Haywood Lane. | Graphic via US Department of Transportation

Big changes are coming to a 2.5-mile section of Nolensville Pike.

Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation allocated $13 million for the “We Are Nolensville Pike” project. Let’s explore how Nashville plans to utilize the federal grant funding for safety improvements along the corridor.

What’s ahead

The funds, supplemented by an additional $3.2 million from Metro, will support safety enhancements along Nolensville Pike, spanning from McCall Street to Haywood Lane. The upgrades include, but are not limited to:

  • New sidewalk connections
  • Adding street lighting
  • Crossing improvements like pedestrian hybrid beacons and high-visibility crosswalks
  • Bike lane enhancements
  • Intersection changes
  • Signal timing adjustments

Stay tuned for future updates — NDOT plans to work with TDOT, WeGo Public Transit, and other groups to implement the upgrades.