Introducing Roll Call: NASHtoday’s Metro Council Q+A series

Stay tuned as we get to know Nashville’s 40-member Metro Council. Keep reading for how you can get involved.

NASH-Courthouse-1 (2).jpg

Metro Council is currently made up of 35 district council members and five at-large members. | Photo by NASHtoday

We’re introducing a new Q+A series featuring Nashville’s recently-elected council — but we’re not doing this alone.

Tell us which at-large and district council members, whether they’re incumbents or first-term, you’d like us to interview as part of the series: Roll Call.

In Roll Call, we’ll dive into their plans, priorities, and even their favorite local spots. Here’s where you come in: Nominate a council member (feel free to select more than one member) and share the topics or questions you’d like us to explore.

As a friendly reminder, the first Metro Council meeting of the new term is on Tuesday, Oct. 3. If you’re eager to get involved, we’ve got you covered. Brush up on everything you need to know about attending and speaking at meetings — or how to tune in from the comfort of your home.