Nashville ranks in the top 10 best US metros for Generation Z

People walking downtown in Nashville | Image via Unsplash

Nashville has landed among the top 10 best metros for Generation Z in the country, according to a report by CommercialCafe. 

Generation Z (AKA — Gen Z): A collective term for those born between 1997-2012. This generation now falls within the 15-24 year age range, meaning that the majority are college-age + entering the workforce as young professionals. 

Nearly 13% of Nashville’s total population is made up of Gen Zers — but why exactly are the country’s newest brains + talents flocking to Music City?

Here are some of Nashville’s contributing factors that are predicted to attract the group’s wants + needs: 

  • 20+ colleges and universities 
  • $35,243 per capita income (2019)
  • 4.1% unemployment rate (April 2021)
  • No. 8 in internet speed at 158.9 mbps 

What does this mean + why is it important?

Gen Zers have an estimated purchasing power of $140+ billion, which makes the generation attractive to local cities + biz. Not only are they our up-and-coming leaders, they are contributing to our economy through business, the housing market + more.