6 classic neon signs lighting up Nashville

Fido opened 20 years ago in Hillsboro Village. | Photo by NASHtoday team

A local Reddit user recently asked other Nashvillians where to find classic neon signs beyond Broadway + it got us thinking about some of the city’s brightest and most eye-catching displays

With the days now getting shorter, let these 6 neon signs serve as inspiration for your next late-night photo backdrop.

Fox’s Donut Den: This classic doughnut shop has shared countless pastries with the community since it opened in Green Hills in 1973, but it’s also known for its neon sign facing Hillsboro Pike — complete with dancing doughnuts and the shop’s mascot.

Fido: If you’re not familiar with Fido’s history, we’ll throw you a bone. The coffee shop, which opened 20 years ago in Hillsboro Village, lends its name to former tenant Jones Pet Shop. The company left behind a neon sign, which has lit this strip of the Village ever since.

Loveless Cafe: Loveless Cafe’s neon sign is the first thing ~500,000 locals and travelers see when they visit the restaurant each year. Although the motel closed in 1985, the “no vacancy” sign is still buzzing.

Weiss Liquors: This neon sign, located on the East side at Weiss Liquors, almost had an unhappy ending. The original sign was destroyed in the March 2020 tornado, but the owners worked with local companies to replicate the original as closely as possible.

Village Cleaners: Located on the corner of 21st Avenue South + Acklen Avenue, the little dots on this pink-and-blue neon sign like to dance around at night.

Donelson Bowl: The city’s oldest bowling alleylocated on the outskirts of the county — boasts a neon sign with a giant bowling pin.