Spring-inspired sips to try in Nashville

NASHtoday City Editor Skylar holds up a matcha with a white flowery tree in the background.

The raspberry Springtime Matcha from Red Bicycle in The Nations gets a thumbs up from us.

Photo by NASHtoday

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From brightly colored thirst-quenchers to flower garnishes and names like the “Top of the Morning,” local businesses are springing specialty menus and warm weather favorites on you. Here are a few you’ll find us sippin’.

Keep it caffeinated

  • Hanna Bee’s Coffee | Marshmallow Peep Latte | Toasted marshmallow syrup, espresso, and milk topped with a Peeps marshmallow
  • Red Bicycle The Nations | Top of the Morning | Vanilla iced coffee with Irish cream cold foam
  • 8th and Roast | Lavender Haze | Delicate house-made lavender honey syrup, espresso, and your choice of milk

Crush a few cocktails

  • Headquarters Beercade | Clever Girl | Hangar 1 Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka, Italicus bergamot liqueur, lemon, triple syrup, Peychaud’s bitters, and mint
  • Bottle Cap | Queen Bee | Empress indigo gin + garnished with a sliced lemon
  • Butchertown Hall | Lookin’ Like a Snaquiri | La Luna Mezcal, lime, strawberry-pink peppercorn, and orange bitters

Alcohol-free fun

  • Frothy Monkey | Summer Shirley | Refreshing soda with house-made lavender limeade and grenadine
  • The Hampton Social | The Lighthouse | Sicilian lemonade and rosemary
  • GreenHouse Bar | Lavender Lemon | Lavender, lemon, and sparkling Maypop

Matcha more options

  • Fido | Lemonade Mouth | Sparkling lemonade with Rishi Tea & Botanicals matcha, raspberry, and peach simple syrup
  • Barista Parlor | Sunset Boulevard | Iced scarlet tea, orange bitters, and orange peel
  • White Bison | Refresher | Watermelon, cucumber, and mint
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