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Happy Giving Tuesday. Today, we’re asking you to join our membership club, which keeps our daily newsletters free for the whole neighborhood.

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238. That’s how many free newsletters we sent out about the city of Nashville this year — covering stories like the most unique places to stay, a first look at our airport’s International Arrivals Facility and Marketplace, and where to get coffee.

Next year, we want to send 262 more. That’s 262 more opportunities — one for every weekday — to start your morning by reading about the most relevant, exciting news in our city, without ever getting weighed down by stories about politics or crime.

As we head into an election year, we want to remind you that our focus is on the city of Nashville — period. You won’t find ads for political campaigns, coverage of hot-button national topics, or biased reporting here. Instead, we’ll put a spotlight on local businesses, spread the word about major events, and connect our community.
Support our news team
Support our news team
Here’s how you can support our mission: by joining our group of NASHtoday members.

The gift of your membership is a powerful way to support our free newsletter and keep our approach to local news alive. By giving today, you’ll be officially added to our NASHtoday membership club — joining a group of news-savvy, passionate individuals proud of what our city has to offer.

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Becoming a member supports the news team you all know and love, Editors Skylar and Dylan.


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As thanks, we’ll shower you with perks. Think:
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  • Even more coming soon. Stay tuned for even more perks of being a member — including special surprises we’re hoping to launch in 2024.
The greatest perk of all? Helping to shape and support the positive news that defines the city we call home.

Here’s to 262 more chances to read about the city of Nashville next year — become a member today and make it happen.

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