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Step into the state’s home at Nashville’s newest temporary exhibit

Don’t table the Tennessee State Museum’s exhibit, “Tennessee Furniture,” which boasts 45 pieces and opens on April 20.

A sign reads, "Tennessee State Museum Bill Haslam Center" and in the background you can see the exterior of the museum building.

Did we mention it’s free to view? | Photo by NASHtoday

If furnishings could tell a story, it might sound a lot like what you’ll learn from the Tennessee State Museum’s newest exhibit, “Tennessee Furniture.”

The temporary display launches on Saturday, April 20, showcasing 45 pieces and artifacts from the late 18th century to contemporary makers. Guests will notice four areas of interest:

  • Furniture in Action | Looks at how furniture was used in the home (think: pie safes and sugar chests)
  • Made by Hands | Looks at the materials, designs, and techniques of a craftsperson, which can be traced to specific communities
  • Furniture Makers | Looks at the business of furniture making, with a special focus on the contributions of journeymen, laborers, and more
  • Furniture as Art | Looks at the craftmanship and innovative designs of past and contemporary makers

Bonus: Pencil in a special Lunch and Learn programming date led by Senior Curator of Fine Art Candice Candeto and centered around the exhibit on Thursday, May 16. RSVP now.

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