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Speakeasy-style bars in Nashville

Step back in time to Nashville’s best-kept secret (bars) inspired by the Prohibition era speakeasies that populated cities in the past.

A photo looking down at the bar in Old Glory with green vines hanging from the brick wall.

We’ll have one Adults Only, please.

Photo by @hunterhartphoto via @oldglorynashville

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Knock, knock. What’s the password? Getting into a Prohibition speakeasy in the roaring 20s could be some whiskey business. Today, speakeasy-style bars — like these six in Music City — act as a nod to the past.

Old Glory

This industrially-rustic cocktail lounge was formerly the boiler room of one of the largest steam cleaning facilities in Nashville, White Way Cleaners. The space features the original electrical boxes, coal hopper, and smoke stack that were in use in the 1920s. You won’t find its entrance by a sign, but rather a large golden triangle around the door off Edgehill Avenue.

Red Phone Booth

You’ll need to secure a secret phone number to dial into the restored London phone booth to gain access to this speakeasy. Between the dress code, original brick, tobacco barn wood floors, and Italian leather couches — it’s hard to believe this social room is just steps from Broadway.

Three craft cocktails sit on a table with garnishes.

Attaboy is an East Nashville gem.


This windowless, vibrantly-painted cinder block building isn’t much of a secret — but the dimly-lit bar lacking menus is enough to transport you back into the era in which it was inspired. Pro tip: The business operates on a first come, first served basis for groups of six or less.

House of Cards

Make like a magician and disappear into this whimsical underground world. Guests journey down a secret tunnel to visit this combination magic and dinner venue filled with European antiques, vintage magic posters, and collections of playing cards from 1940. Pro tip: House of Cards has a dress code and a no photography policy.

A neon sign over a door that reads "Pushing Daisies."

Follow the neon on Broadway to this underground bar.

Photo by NASHtoday

Pushing Daisies

Below Broadway, you’ll find this margarita-focused hangout self-described as “gorgeous, elusive, and underground.” Catch live music and DJ sets Thursday-Saturday. Editor’s pick: Devil’s Vice.

Hidden Bar

Located inside Noelle Nashville, Hidden Bar lives up to its name with a downstairs entrance that seems as though it’s for staff use only. Don’t miss: The bar’s regular themed pop-ups, oftentimes in the fall and winter.

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