Local spots we’d change our name to in exchange for freebies

In the midst of the Subway name change offer, we want to know: What businesses in Nashville, Tennessee would you change your name for?


Are you up for the hypothetical challenge? | Photo by NASHtoday

You may have seen the news that Subway is offering a lifetime supply of free subs if you change your name to Subway. This had us thinking, which Nashville spots would we change our names to if that meant we would receive a lifetime supply of freebies? Here are a few we’ve considered.

Mitchell | We see your Subway and raise you Mitchell Delicatessen. City Editor Dylan’s forever pick: The deli’s BBQ Asian Tofu sandwich.

Margot | We would never turn down a meal at this cozy bistro in the heart of Five Points.

Otto | Between Otto’s Taco Tuesday and Wine Down Wednesday specials, it wouldn’t take much convincing.

Goo Goo | Sure, you might get questions. It’s worth it to enjoy clusters of marshmallow, caramel, and roasted peanuts, covered in a coat of milk chocolate, whenever you want.

What local place do you love so much that you would consider changing your name? Let us know.

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