Grant supports plans for a rail line linking Nashville and Atlanta

The proposed rail line via the Corridor ID program would also connect other Tennessee cities, including Memphis and Chattanooga.

People stand under an awning as a rail line arrives at a station at night.

Passengers get ready to board Amtrak’s Crescent as it arrives at Peachtree station in Atlanta, GA.

Photo by Harrison Keely via Wikimedia Commons

Imagine if Tennessee’s biggest cities were all linked — hey, NOOGAtoday. Well, it could rail-y be happening thanks to a $500,000 grant awarded by the Federal Railroad Administration.

The proposal supports a rail line connecting Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and other stops in between. The award allows the proposal to advance to the first step of the Corridor ID program, which involves development of a scope, schedule, and cost estimate.

Local or state leaders would have to pay for 10% of the costs for a service development plan, which would likely follow. Total share of costs increase to 20% in the program’s final stages and review.

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