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Money Moves: Four easy savings tips from Republic Bank

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Resolutions don’t have to start in the New Year — when it comes to getting your finances together, there’s no time like the present. We’re sharing four simple money moves you can make today to ensure that you (and your bank account) are heading in the right direction tomorrow.

Define your short- and long-term savings goals

Whether you’re saving for a down payment, vacation, retirement, or all of the above, the first step to building a better financial future is getting clear on where your priorities lie.

A good place to start for short-term savings? Build an emergency fund with three months’ worth of living expenses. A good long-term savings goal? A down payment + retirement — aim to save a set monthly amount for both.

Automate your savings

Once you’ve established your savings goals, use direct deposit to your advantage. Automating your savings is one of the biggest life hacks — if you can’t see it, you can’t spend

Republic Bank’s direct deposit services make it super easy to direct money into different accounts — even if the income is coming from different sources (think: VA benefits, pension, or your employer).

Take advantage of technology

Republic Bank’s online + mobile banking apps make it easier than ever to stay informed and up to date with your account status + savings progress. Biometric logins (read: logging in with facial recognition technology) help keep your account secure, and their money management system provides a ton of tools to help you stick to your goals.

Remember that good things take time

Saving money and reaching your financial goals isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time to go the distance — keep the big picture in mind.

Looking for a bank that makes things easier, not harder? From lending to saving, Republic Bank has your back. (And you can apply online in 10 minutes.)*

Message + data rates may apply from your wireless carrier. Get more information on achieving your financial goals from a financial or tax advisor. Republic Bank is a Member of FDIC.

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