Plan ahead: NASHtoday is celebrating Drink Up Month in July

Regardless of which sip you prefer to pour — you’ll want to drink up this content, which recognizes Nashville’s beverage scene the entire month of July.

A frosé flight of three pink wine slushies on a drink paddle is photographed next to a flamingo cup holder carrying another slushy.

Drink Up Month is about to take (frosé) flight.

Photo by NASHtoday

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We’re going heavy on the bevi in just over a month — but we’ll need your help. Last year, we served you Drink Up Week, which spotlighted local beverages from coffee to cocktails. This year, we’re celebrating bigger with Drink Up Month running all of July.

What is Drink Up Month?

Think: A celebration of the people and places that contribute to Nashville’s growing beverage scene. This might look like drink deals at your favorite coffee shop, meet-ups with the NASHtoday team for happy hour, or special games to play. The best part? You get to help us decide.

We’ll have more information on Drink Up Month participants, events, and activities to come — but for now, we hope this fills your cup.

How to participate

There are two ways to participate in Drink Up Month: as a maker and a consumer.

For our local breweries, tea rooms, and everything in between — we want you to get involved. Email us to chat about collaborating during Drink Up Month.

For our beverage-loving readers, we want to hear from you. Who do you want to see participate in Drink Up Month? What kind of drink-related content sparks your interest? We’re pouring the matter into your hands to make this month of sipping count.

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