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Find this Alice in Wonderland-themed pop-up in Downtown Nashville

Venture down the rabbit hole, or to the lower level of Noelle, for two themed experiences — a culinary journey and a pop-up bar.

Multiple tables have menus and tablescapes made from flowers on them. Some have colorful pendant lights with tassels hanging over them. Green ivy hangs from the ceiling and the columns in the center of the room are wrapped in colorful paper.

If you’re dressing on theme, don’t shy away from the color and florals in your wardrobe.

Photo by NASHtoday

You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date! Noelle’s newest pop-up has transformed the hotel’s lower level, this time taking over the Makeready L&L and Hidden Bar spaces.

Step into the whimsical wonderland for two separate experiences from now through the end of May: Down the Rabbit Hole (culinary journey) and Queen of Hearts (pop-up bar).

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • What to know: Brunch (Wednesday-Sunday, 7 a.m.-1 p.m.) and dinner (Daily beginning at 5 p.m.) menus
  • What to order: For dinner, we recommend getting the twice fried rosemary potato, Caterpillar’s tortellini, The Alice filet, Queen of Heart’s chocolate cake, and I’m Not Myself, You See to sip.
  • What to experience: Each weekend (Friday–Sunday, 12 p.m.–3 p.m.), the Mad Hatter Tea service takes you for a boozy spin with light bites.

Queen of Hearts

  • What to know: Open daily beginning at 5 p.m. behind the storage door — reservations aren’t accepted.
  • What to order: I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late (red cabbage-infused cielo blanco, agave, salt, and lime juice)
  • What to experience: Visit on Fridays and Saturdays (8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.) for the Off With Your Head DJ series.