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Who ya gonna call: Jot down contact info for these Nashville resources

From flood damage to environmental health concerns, here are a few city resources to keep on speed dial.

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We ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost — but we are scared of flood damage, contaminated drinking water, and environmental health problems. We rounded up a few resources to answer the age-old question: Who ya gonna call?

If there’s something strange...

Drinking water problems
If you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your tap, call Metro Water Services at 615-862-4600.

Animal collection
Submit a request via hubNashville or call 615-862-5000 for animals on Metro roadways. Animals on private property should be placed at the curb or roadside for pickup. your neighborhood

Suspicious activity and car break-ins
Dial the non-emergency line at 615-862-8600 and alert your neighborhood watch committee if you have one.

Property violations
Submit requests on hubNashville, including cars on your lawn, tall grass and weeds, junk and debris + more.

Noisy pets
Is there a barking dog keeping you up at night? Instead of venturing into the dark neighborhood searching for Fido, submit an animal complaint via Metro Animal Care and Control.

If there’s something weird...

Environmental health problems
If you notice something weird while out and about, Metro Public Health Department has you covered.


...and it don’t look good

Tree removal or concerns

  • On the sidewalk or street: If outside of normal business hours and it’s blocking a roadway, dial 311.
  • On a power line: If you think a tree is too close to a line, contact the tree trimming service at 615-695-7400.
  • Flooding: Contact Metro Water Services’ Stormwater Management team at 615-862-4600 and filter through the options for emergency and non-emergency assistance.