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Give the gift of (lifelong) learning this holiday season

See our top course recs and find something for every 50+ person on your list with OLLI’s no-credit, no-grades lifelong learning program.

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NASH-OLLI steel drum-11.29.23.jpeg

Steel Drum Band is another popular class for OLLI participants.

Photo provided by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Looking for something unique for your 50+ giftees? Give the gift of new experiences with OLLI — Vanderbilt University’s no-credit, no-grades lifelong learning program for Nashvillians aged 50+.

The Winter Session (which starts Jan. 7) is now open for registration. Here’s the courses we’re eyeing:

🏛️ For political enthusiasts

  • Understanding the Profession of Politics from Reading Political Biographies | Delve into the profession of politics through the eyes of political biographies, and explore the motivations and skills of politicians.

🤡 For comedy-lovers

  • Funny You Should Mention It: TV Comedy in the 21st Century | Laugh + learn while examining the evolution of television comedy, from “I Love Lucy” to “The Office” and more.

🎶 For singers

  • Choral Singing | Learn to blend, sing in harmony, and perform (disclaimer: spontaneous happiness may occur).

🧘 For wellness warriors

  • Reverse Meditation | Explore the power of “Reverse Meditation,” using pain and challenges as catalysts for growth and happiness.

🎼 For the I-want-to-learn-a-new-instrument-ers

  • Beginners Harmonica | Learn how to play harmonica + get to know special harmonica techniques, led by multi-talented Bronson Herrmuth.

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