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See how easy composting can be

Take action this Earth Month with Compost Nashville, and join a growing community dedicated to reducing food waste.

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Compost bin on a counter with a person cutting veggies on a wood cutting board. A set of three white Mercedes vans. Food scraps on a white table.

Spooky stat alert: More than a billion tons of food is wasted at US events each year.

Photos provided by Compost Nashville

Let’s talk about making the most of your compost. Why? Because food scraps are a valuable resource that ends up in landfills all too often.

Enter: Compost Nashville, a full-service curbside compost pickup that proves composting doesn’t need to be dirty or complicated — in fact, they’ve made it easier than ever to adopt this eco-friendly habit.

Putting food waste to work

Since 2014, Compost Nashville has diverted 10 million pounds of food scraps and other compostables from landfills. They offer curbside pickup at homes, offices, and even events like weddings or parties. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for service.
  2. Compost Nashville provides an airtight bin to hold your scraps.
  3. Every week, they pick up your full bin curbside like city trash + exchange it with a clean one.

The result: Instead of creating methane among piles of garbage, your food waste is turned into compost and donated to local farms and gardens as nutrient-dense, natural fertilizer.

See how easy composting can be

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