Build your dream pizza and we’ll match you with a Nashville pizzeria

Tell us everything. 🍕


A slice of pepperoni from Five Points Pizza. | Photo via Five Points Pizza

In honor of National Pizza Day (and Valentine’s Day coming up), we thought we’d be extra cheesy and do a little pizza matchmaking. You tell us your favorite ingredients and we’ll recommend the best local ‘za for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Build your dream pizza in this survey. Include your favorite crust type, sauce, and toppings. Five points for creativity.
  • We’ll take your responses and burn the midnight oil to find your pizza perfect match.
  • Stay tuned — we’ll share some of the matches in a future newsletter.
  • Once you get your match, plan your pizza night. We’re not saying you have to put a pinky ring on it, but we think you’ll like what we cook up.

Ready to rock’n dough, Nashville? Submit your dream pizza.

💭 How many local pizzeria references can you spot in this story? Hint: There are five.

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